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IZOTECA We are work for you!

Nowadays, in front of both new and existing constructions, higher and higher requirements are imposed, both from the beneficiaries and from the authorities. The problem of keeping warm, reducing heating costs in winter and maintaining thermal comfort in summer is becoming more relevant lately.

Since 2004, the production and construction company “IZOTECA PRIM” SRL operates on the construction market in Moldova. The main activity is the execution of thermal insulation works of facades and the production of decorative elements for polystyrene facade “IZODECOR”, covered with a protective layer. For the construction of a modern house, it is assumed the use of quality materials and the execution of the work at the highest level. We understand this and offer optimal solutions to achieve your goal.

Executing various thermal insulation works, we have to develop continuously, so we are able to offer today to our customers, in addition to thermal insulation services, decorative elements for the facade (from the “IZODECOR” series), UPVC joinery and flat sheet metal elements.

The possibility to offer our customers our services and products, allows us to execute the finishing works in restricted terms and of a superior quality.

In addition, we provide, to order, 3-D design and cutting services for polystyrene elements (letters, logos, rods, rosettes, corners, decorative elements for facades, etc.).

An advantageous solution for any beneficiary of a house is to entrust the execution of the works related to the facade of a professional company, which would execute the works from zero to the final version.

Thus, if you choose our company to execute the facade works of your house, we will produce and install quality UPVC windows with double glazing, we will execute the thermal insulation works and the application of decorative plaster, we will install the decorative elements for the facade and the flat sheet.