Ebbs, parapets and other products from sheet metal

Products made of sheet metal are a decorative component of the roof, but its main purpose is to protect the building from the penetration of precipitation. Without this structure, it is possible to damage, or even tear off roofs, by strong gusts of wind.

There are many types of parapets and ebb tides, the most popular and high quality are:

  • simple – consisting of two slopes;
  • difficult – with a double-sided drainage system and drips located under the visor;
  • ridge – having a covered visor (bottom mount);
  • flat – with droppers on different sides;
  • curly – has complex curves and lines, looks like a stair railings.

They can also be used to decorate your:

  • Fences;
  • Fundamental;
  • For roof;
  • Border;
  • Roadside;