Shop № 1:  St. Mioritsa 88, Chisinau

Phone:  068-554-449

Shop № 2:  St. Uzinelor 4/2, Chisinau

Phone:  069-170-492

Shop № 3:  St. Salkimilor 28

Phone: 068-677-828

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    Frequently asked Questions

    IZODECOR profiles can be found in our stores on 88 Miorita Street; str. Uzinelor 4/2; str. Salcîmilor 28 as well as to our partners.

    Our services are Design, thermal insulation and facade finishing followed by a professional consultancy and suitable offer.

    Our schedule: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00; Saturday 09: 00-13: 00

    To order a design is very simple, dial number 068-554-449., We approach the spot, we take the necessary sizes. Tell us what you would have liked the house to look like. We take your wishes into account and express them in the most successful way.

    We have in stock around 50 models (out of 150 models) that you can pick up immediately. Details, custom orders we usually fulfill in 2 weeks. Some orders may take longer.