3D cutting of expanded polystyrene elements

The company “IZOTECA PRIM” SRL can make letters and logos, inscriptions for organizing events, decorative elements for you from expanded polystyrene.
Polystyrene is a safe material, resistant to high pressure, does not absorb water, easy to process and use, easily adheres to any type of surface.
The effectiveness of using these types of elements is obvious: they are light, immediately after cutting they are ready for installation, you just need to paint them in the desired color. Cutting and manufacturing of polyurethane foam products:
Volumetric cutting of polystyrene profiles is a good reason for the widespread use of products.
For finishing and finishing works, preference is given to practical and economical materials, this will be confirmed by any professional. Therefore, it is not surprising that volumetric cutting of polystyrene is widely used, and that polystyrene products are in high demand. Such a high demand.

• The cost of cutting 3D elements from polyurethane foam is relatively low, and expanded polystyrene is also available – such a decorative material is available and is easy to purchase in almost any volume.
• It is easy to cut volumetric polystyrene, but its products are sufficiently pliable and flexible, and they can be subjected to almost all types of processing.
• Three-dimensional cutting of expanded polystyrene – a progressive method in constant development that allows you to easily obtain original decorative elements.

In a wide variety of areas, often far from being associated with decorative work, there is a number of similar products that surround us in our everyday life:

• Outdoor advertising – today signboards / elements made of polystyrene are widely used, they can be bright and informative, beautiful and original and can interest any of us.
• Styrofoam products are widely used in architecture – the elements of facade decoration are in demand and original, give an elegant and modern look, while being cheap.