Heat insulation and finish of facades


Premises, in which we spend the largest part of our time, must ensure us the best conditions of life at any time of year.
The ideal solution to keep the comfort of housing is heat insulation of the outer walls.
The task assigned to construction companies, is that the building would have provided a stable level of temperature and humidity, high levels of sound insulation, reducing heating costs and pleasing appearance. Regardless of what architectural style will match your facade – a luxurious in Victorian style or as grand as a castle, or an exquisite high-tech style – it is necessary to have complied with the aforementioned rules. One of the major requirements set for the builders to carry out works on the outer walls is a decrease of house heating cost.
Practice shows that about 40% of heat is lost through the outer room wall. Accordingly, insulation of external walls, as ever, is topical issue, both for new buildings and old buildings. Our company has extensive experience in performing work on the insulation homes with foam plastic and mineral cotton.
In many cases, namely a great choice of colors of decorative plaster is deciding to the work on the insulation of the facade by means of “wet method”. As the result, choosing the right thermal insulation system and trusting the building work to professionals, you can get a number of advantages:
Comfort – having insulated a house, you achieve an optimal climate in the house at any time of year
Savings – having insulated a house, you reduce the cost of homes heating. Invested money recouped within 3-5 years.
Nice look – a large selection of colors and different textures, will give your home a unique look.
Quality – Our work is the work, reliability of tested with time and experience.